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Stick Syrup


Stick Syrup - Maple Syrup Scented Aerosol Hockey Tape Enhancer

Stick Syrup - Maple Syrup Scented Aerosol Hockey Tape Enhancer

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Our Flagship Spray! Stick Syrup is a non-drying, inherently tacky aerosol engineered for ice hockey! Increases grip on the puck while staying tacky all game long!


  1. SHAKE WELL! Spray Stick Syrup directly onto hockey blade - with or without tape - at about 6 inches away. 
  2. Give it about 1-5mins to absorb/settle.
  3. Dominate!

During periods, after a fresh tape job, or even in the sin bin - Stick Syrup can be applied whenever and will maintain its stickiness throughout a regulation game/practice! Reapply mileage may vary! 


This stuff is tacky! Be sure to wash hands thoroughly. We have found that using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol works best to remove product from hands!


Thoroughly emptied containers can be recycled but please dispose of in accordance with your local regulations! 

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